Innovative Art solutions at a quirky destination near the terminal at Watts-Woodland Airport.
Hangar Trifold | Indemnity Agreement Form

Two Adjacent Meeting Spaces


45ft. x 79ft. Rustic Clear Span Space

Fully Drive Through Capable

9ft. Height Clearance

Two 45ft. x 9ft. Doors


The Hangar


Adjacent 33ft. x 40ft. Space

Presentation, Teaching, Workshops

Air Conditioned & Central Heating

Permanent Rest rooms in Campus

Accessible To Attached Hangar

Photography Studio Capable

LED Gallery Lighting

Hard Surface Floors

Black Out Curtains

Clear Span Floor


Rental Fee - Hangar 45ft. X 79ft.


$480 1/2 Day

$580 Full Day

$1650 Production


Rental Fee - Entire Campus

$575 1/2 Day

$705 Full Day

$1800 Production

33 ft. X 25 ft. Studio/ Presentation Space Fee Schedule:


Rental Fee - Week Days/ Weekend Deposite -$250

2 Hour Minimum $75per Hour

$140/ $185 1/2 Day (4 Hours)

$240/ $340 Full Day (8 Hours)

$340/ $370 Production (12 Hours)

$56.25/ $75 9th Hour- O.T.

$450 Full Weekend

$900 Week

$950 3-Day Weekend




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